The DiPippo LawGroup

...because the client always comes first. 



The Di Pippo Law Group, LLC was founded to provide clients in the New York area with various legal services and has a reputation for leaving no stone unturned in their representation. The firm prides itself in making sure the client comes first. From large institutional clients to the individual, The Di Pippo Law Group, LLC pledges to dispel the belief that lawyers do not care. We care. Our logo sums it up, ..."because the client comes first."


We are Enthusiastic

We love what we do. This motivates us to work hard and effectively prove the merits of our client's case. We aspire to provide effective counsel while being aware of the great stress on our clients.



We represent our clients with meticulous preparation, thoughtful and fearless presentation of their case. Our effectiveness is well known to adverse counsel enabling negotiations, when appropriate, from a position of strength. The opposition always knows that we are willing and able to bring any case to trial and to verdict.


Quick Facts

  • Our attorneys have participated in defending cases for Travelers Insurance, Chartis Insurance Company, Zurich North America, Liberty Mutual, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Mt. Sinai Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance, Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company, Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, The Hertz Corporation, Seneca Insurance, and many others.
  • Disciplined Communication – We keep you advised of the progress of all litigation at every substantive development. We believe a collaborative approach (i.e., active consultation with expert witnesses and the client) yields the most favorable results.
  • Challenging Defective or Fallacious Theories – We have the expertise to challenge and debunk claims that are without merit (or have questionable merit). This makes a substantial difference because the extent and cause of injuries are contested components of almost all personal injury litigation.
  • Preparation of Expert Witnesses – We have the technical know-how to prepare experts for trial. This means we know how to be an effective advocate and prepare our witnesses for questions concerning their opinions and testimony.
  • Cross-Examination of Opposing Witnesses – Our expertise allows us to ask appropriate questions that expose flaws in the opposition's case.
  • Communication at Trial – We know how to take complex matters and translate them into words and concepts that jurors can understand and appreciate.



Why Clients Want Us


Philip A. Di Pippo the firm's founder has practiced law for 29 years with both the defense and plaintiff's bars. His work ethic sets the tone at the firm.


His varied experience gives him the very unique perspective of seeing both sides of his cases and thus defending his clients as if he were prosecuting them as a plaintiff. This perspective gives Mr. Di Pippo a tremendous advantage of anticipating the issues his clients will face. He has been recognized by various groups for his success including  the Millionaire and Multimillionaire's Organizations.   


He was recently endorsed by his peers (including Supreme and District Court Judges in New York) and received the distinction of "Lead Counsel".

Mr. Di Pippo's article " Muhammad v. Fitzpatrick : A New Weapon Against Experts? " was published in the New York State Bar News.

He has recently been invited to membership in "Trial Masters" and "Best Attorneys".  

Philip has been nominated to become a member of "Lawyers of Distinction" Philip was selected based upon a review and vetting process from a Selection Committee of his peers and he had to demonstrate a high degree of peer recognition and professional competence. Notably, Lawyers of Distinction do not confirm more than 10% of the lawyers in the State of New York. 

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