The Di Pippo Law Group, LLC...

because the client comes first.


How We're Different


Here are just a few ways The Di Pippo Law Group, LLC distinguishes itself from other firms that practice litigation:


1. The opposition knows that we're willing and able to bring any case to trial and to verdict. 

2. The attorney assigned to the file follows the litigation from beginning to end.

3. By using small teams, we are able to provide cost-effective representation and have a partner readily available to answer your questions.

4. We keep you advised of the progress of all litigation at every substantive development. We believe that a collaborative approach (i.e., active consultation with expert witnesses and examiners) yields the most favorable results.

5. We pride ourselves on reviewing issues of liability, damages and defenses on each case. We work with our clients and experts to fully explore and investigate the merits of the case.

6. Our medical knowledge gives us a clear advantage when litigating any case involving personal injuries.

7. We have the expertise to challenge and debunk claims that are without merit (or have questionable merit). This makes a substantial difference because the extent and cause of injuries are contested components of almost all personal injury litigation.

8. We have the technical know-how to prepare experts for trial. This means that we know how to be an effective advocate and prepare our witnesses for questions concerning their opinions and testimony.

9. Our expertise allows us to ask appropriate questions that expose flaws in the opposition's case.

10. We know how to take complex matters and translate them into words and concepts that jurors can understand and appreciate.